Here at BMF we get to help so many kinds of students make the music they want to make for the reasons they want to make it. Aspirations of greatness and aspirations for a good time are taken with equal measure. What we're serious about is making music and helping everyone we can do the same on their terms. 
The student body here is equal parts adults and kids. Classical, rock, jazz, cyber, and folk students are welcome. Our teaching staff is just as mixed: from the conservatory-trained to the divebar learn'ed. This blend is what defines BMF—and the community here. We staff realize what a unique thing it is to be teaching here among peers with such disparate backgrounds. And then we go so far as to play together, like the recent Linda Ronstadt tribute show at The Falcon. There's more than tolerance here among staff; there is genuine appreciation for one another. We look to one another as if to say, 'what I can learn from you?' 
We share music-making in this very same way with our students. There are so many kinds of people, students. And just as many kinds of music to be made. 
The day we opened (January 2010) we established a scholarship fund. To make it possible for motivated and interested students to engage in music lessons and classes at Beacon Music Factory it seemed imperative. Because we are not a non-profit, the fund lives at the Mid Hudson Arts Council. The fund is pretty modest, but it is there. 
If the fund were to grow we could simply do more. We have made attempts this year alone to launch a teen choir, a kids choir, a string orchestra camp, and a New Orleans'-style 2nd line band for high-schoolers. None of these programs developed the necessary steam to get fully up and running. There are talented kids out there who would join these things if they were more accessible. There are all kinds of barriers to getting adolescents in here and engaged, and it takes plenty of finessing, and that's all fine. We are good at that, given enough time. But when money finally ends up being the major obstruction it's just a bummer. 
Whether you are a BMF fan, a parent, a student, a regular, an irregular, or an audience member, we thank you for supporting our mission here. We hope you will please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Beacon Music Factory Scholarship Fund. It will help us build these positive music programs for kids of all ages; and it will also continue to give a leg up to the kid (or sometimes adult) who needs some help with tuition. 
And at the same time, if you would like to request financial assistance so you can take lessons or a class here, please talk to us. 

You can make a tax-deductible donation to our scholarship fund  
by calling 845-765-0472, or make a check out to ARTS MID HUDSON.

Put Beacon Music Factory in the memo line. 
You can deliver the check to Beacon Music Factory and we'll forward it on; or you can mail it to  
(please make sure they know what it is for) :

Arts Mid Hudson 
696 Dutchess Turnpike, Suite F 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603